The Workspace Next Door: Bella and Miriam

Are you getting tired of my school-posts? I am not. World still revolves around school start at our house, and I am guessing there are other people like me as well. I decided to ask a few moms with school kids to show us their workspaces. So here is the first!

Mum: Bori Sikó, co-founder of Budapest based kids design web-shop Smallgarden

Kids: Bella (12), Miriam (6), Simon (0) (Baby Simon was just being born at the time I was writing this post)

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the girls workspace?

The main aspect was for them to love to use their space. Most of our furniture is white and we decided to go in that direction with their desks (IKEA MICKE) too. The Ferm Living wallpaper is also a new addition to the rooms since we had to rearrange a bit to make room for the new baby boy arriving to the family any day now.  Eames chairs are not just pretty, they are also very comfortable and we got them second hand last year.

Kids workspace Smallgarden Bella

Did the girls have a say in the decisions?

They both took active part in planning. Starting from where to put the desk all through the accessories we did everything together. We painted wooden pencil holders from Ikea, girls picked the colors.

kids workspace smallgarden

* We spy Acro on Bella’s desk.

And do they also do their homework on the dining table instead?

Kids Workspace smallgarden Miriam

For now yes, they like to do their homework on the dining room table.  This way they can eat :), but also I can do the cooking at the same time and I am still there to help if they need me.

I suggest you visit our facebook page because we will be giving away some stationery goodness soon.

Do you have a workspace you’d like to show off? Let us know, send us some photos!

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