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Palm Sunday Virágvasárnap

Today is  Palm Sunday a.k.a. Virágvasárnap (Flower’s Sunday) in Hungary,  Sunday before Easter – beginning of the Holy Week. This is very important day in Christian cultures and is a basis of many ethnological traditions. One such event is kiszehajtás – drivig the ‘kisze’ away. Kisze is in most cases a straw puppet dressed as […]

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World of Toys

Hello dear readers, I want to start this year with something very dear to my heart…WORLD OF TOYS. “At the very beginnings of civilization children’s toys appear as one of the important elements of human development and one of the first records of design.” World of Toys project  of  Zagreb Ethnographic Museum  consists of 4 exhibitions: […]

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Halloween & Pavle Picasso

My favorite Halloween/Carnival costume has got to be when P and I dressed up as Picasso and his painting (Pavle=Picasso, mama=painting). P was not even 2 years old. I wasn’t going to put a huge costume on him for that day, I was going for something we could have fun with together, but later on […]

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