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Anne Kurris SS15

I am practically without words (not a good thing when you have a blog). I have this need to write about Anne Kurris today, but I don’t know why. I am unable to explain why I like it. I am not too fond of strong graphic features, on the other hand…bright colours are my cup […]

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Tangram patch job

I love Kids Clothes Week and I have been participating in it for years, sometimes more sometimes less intensively. I usually have huge plans and dreams, but then when time comes I realize it would be much better to try to finish stuff my boys actually need and I haven’t been able to make myself […]

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DIY Toothless T-Shirt in 20 minutes

To make this easy and quick toothless t-shirt you will need : – plain t-shirts – stencil, exacto knife, freezer paper, iron – fabric paint or pens However dirty and messy this sounds, I promise it was really quite enjoyable. The stencil I used is actually pumpkin carving stencil and the method is the same […]

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Knitted animal hats

Because of our Masquerade contest we are still in very much in Carnival and dress-up mood over here. And what is more fun than kids dressed as cute animals. Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands shop makes them as cute as can be. For me, a piece of clothing can really transport you to a […]

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