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Take me to the beach giveaway

I love summer. I love that my job allows me to spend loads of time at the coast with the boys (and other family members coming and going). This year is a bit different, because we managed to make a middle-of-the-summer baby, so I am even more hung up on this beginning of summer period […]

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P•COQ – puppetry in a magic box

My friend Dora teamed up with other two Budapest mums to create a toy that develops children’s emotional intelligence and helps even beyond that, because –       it is a smart solution for conscious parents, –       it is a source of income for women living in mothers’ shelters, –       and it is friendly to our environment. […]

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Back to School with Luminose

We’re in Back to School week and it is National Dog Day, so what better to talk about than Luminose, the lovely dog lamp, created by a designer couple from Budapest, Hungary, Elizabeth Zimmerer & Márton Lente. You get to choose the leash and the color, so choose wisely because this dog will be your […]

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TATZ – they made me Ink

My kids are crazy about temporary tattoos. If I think about it, which kid isn’t? TATZ is a Hungarian brand founded last year by Petra Hoffman (Stilblog blogger) and Gabi Szendrey graphic designer. For me, a childish almost 40-year old who is refusing to grow up, they are perfect. This is going to be my […]

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