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Smoking sucks…your life

Today is NO SMOKING DAY! I really, really, really hate smoking! And if you have children and you smoke I think it is irresponsible and selfish. It is also expensive, it smells and rules your life… My son wanted to take a ”cigarette” with him to the kindergarten today. He started playing he is smoking…he […]

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Sjötorget Preschool

As you may know, we live in Budapest. City centre to add to that. It is a big city, and space is NOT abundant. Most nursery/kindergarten/preschools are a part of some resident building. Space is not abundant there either. Furniture and decor are not at all contemporary. I am lucky, of course, for several reasons…one […]

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Madalina Andronic Illustration love

I found Madalina Andronic though her Awesome Project (which I already wrote about on Eastok Europe) and I’ve loved her work ever since. Her illustration is breathtaking and I want to cover my kid’s room walls in it, and when I am done there continue in the living room. Prepare to be in awe! Have […]

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3 in 1 wooden toy wander

You probably came across Kattuska wooden products on pinterest – beautiful, contemporary, eco friendly. Last year on Made in Hungary 2013 Kattuska presented their brand new 3 in 1 wooden toy /furniture piece, a 3 in 1 rocking horse/feeding chair/drawing table. Kattuska seems to traditionally be presenting new products during the Made in Hungary exhibition. […]

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Oil cloth apron

As you can see in the photos, P is not into posing for me anymore. He had to do it, because I made these oil cloth aprons for his kindergarten so he felt somewhat obliged to put it on, but not really enough to put on his model face too. These were surprisingly simple to […]

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