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My favorite upcycled clothes

I don’t think I need to go into how up-cycling and giving second life chances to stuff is important to me and why. I’ve gone through this subject enough times already. I collected some of my favorite projects in today’s post. Garments that are fun and completely, unmistakably refashioned, which is also why I love […]

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High Tech Umbrellas

For a person who is not that crazy about umbrella’s I sure write about them pretty often. Every time it rains, I go home and try to figure out how to get something about umbrellas into a post. This is what happened when I wrote about Nubrella, twice. Or when I wrote about upcycled umbrella […]

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Pop-up lamp

The time has come to pick a reading lamp for P. We’ve finally come to the fun part of the renovation, actually furnishing the rooms in question. Right about the time we were deciding what would be the best position for his bed, I’ve come across these super fun pop-up lamps made for 90 degree […]

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