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Take me to the beach giveaway

I love summer. I love that my job allows me to spend loads of time at the coast with the boys (and other family members coming and going). This year is a bit different, because we managed to make a middle-of-the-summer baby, so I am even more hung up on this beginning of summer period […]

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Wooden handmade toys by Margareta

Margareta is a Croatian brand that produces educational, high quality,  Eco-friendly handmade wooden toys for children. It is a set of multicolored geometric shapes that are also didactic puzzles. They can be converted into 3D shapes such as trees, houses, mountains, etc. Check out the video and support their Indiegogo campaign.     If you like what you […]

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Friday Adorbs: Pinchtoys

Pinchtoys  is a minimalist toy brand from Croatia, Maja and Sanja. Their pretty Instagram feed will make you ooh and aah and you will love it all I am sure. Take a look. Don’t you love them? Tell us in comments! And don’t forget to enter our weekly giveaway.    

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