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Friday Adorbs: A Tube Toy

You know how kids sometimes enjoy playing with the box more than with the toy that came in it? That is where Oscar Diaz comes in, with his Tube Toys. Everything you need to build a toy is inside the tube and the only waste is a little paper label with instructions. Also, all parts […]

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Cardboard camera

Ever since we did the tutu photo-shoot P has been asking for a big camera with a lens cap and a display. So we made one during one of the rainy afternoons we had recently. We used cardboard packaging for the body, Smarties tube with a lid for a lens and a lens cap, Makedo […]

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Pappet castle review

Last week we received a package in the post almost every day. One was particularly big and precious: a Pappet cardboard castle. I don’t have to tell you P was ecstatic. I didn’t think that was possible, but as you can see, he can fit in the middle. He furnished it immediately. Entrance area: Roof […]

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