Sjötorget Preschool

As you may know, we live in Budapest. City centre to add to that. It is a big city, and space is NOT abundant. Most nursery/kindergarten/preschools are a part of some resident building. Space is not abundant there either. Furniture and decor are not at all contemporary. I am lucky, of course, for several reasons…one of them being that we got in at all, the other that they are happy and loved there, so I don’t want to complain. But I can still daydream, which is why I am starting this Kindergarten Series, on top of my playground series (both are open to tips and suggestions).

So, let’s go to Stockholm today. It seems that Stockholm too suffers from lack of place to build separate nursery/kindergarten buildings. In the next few photos you will see what Rotstein Arkitekter studio did with the ground floor of this building:



I am a little obsessed with sharp angles when kids are around, maybe because my kids fall a lot…on their faces, so I am not sure about the green triangular staircase in the pic above. Other than that, I am in love. I think if my kids went here I’d find a reason to stay and hang out for a bit every day

What’s your kid’s daycare space like?

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