Logiq Tower 3d puzzle


Logiq Tower 3D Puzzle:  Tetris and Jenga evil successor!

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Logiq Tower™ is a 3d puzzle with more than 22,000 possible solutions, you’ll rarely arrive at the same one twice. The object is to build perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of 15 unique inner and outer pieces. It’s challenging and very addictive. As you carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of genius is but one move away. With 4 different levels, Logiq Tower™ appeals to children, teens and adults.

Different number of inner and outer elements (ranging from 6 up to all 15 elements), if stacked correctly can form a 3d puzzle with full cylindrical structures* in different height levels. Taking this into account this toy is suitable for varying age groups, both children and adults. However time needed to solve each level will vary from person to person and it’s not necessarily proportional with tower height.

*Full cylindrical structures have no gaps in their surface. Only full cylindrical structures count as fully solved cylindrical jigsaw or as a solution in one of 4 levels.

See also the award winning OBLO from the same designer!


3d puzzle that helps develop concentration, logical thinking and problem solving.





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