Pappet castle review

Last week we received a package in the post almost every day. One was particularly big and precious: a Pappet cardboard castle. I don’t have to tell you P was ecstatic.


I didn’t think that was possible, but as you can see, he can fit in the middle.

He furnished it immediately.

Entrance area:

Roof terrace and kitchen with an island:


And the biggest space in the middle for the playroom:

This castle is beautifully designed, and is surprisingly sturdy – sturdy enough for a toddler to jump in and out all the time, which he is doing over, and over, and over again. Since I am a lover of cardboard, I like its natural color, but it is completely customizable, you can paint it, draw on it or decoupage it. You can use any type of paints other than water-colors. It can be put together very easily and doesn’t require any tools, only cardboard that you get in a package. It is also disassembled very easily so you can put it away for a while (if you want to reclaim your living-room for example).

To find out more about Bernardett and Pappet read our interview with her.

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