O-o pony – recycled playground in Gdansk

Reshtki –  Sara Podwysocka and Maria Ostrowska: sculptor and jeweler with teaching degrees, is a team created from love and passion for unwanted objects. They find fun, beauty and function in rubbish and trash, particularly interested in working with public spaces – interfering with it, reading it’s needs and changing it. In 2013 they built the first recycled playground in Poland „O-O Pony” – made of tires and euro-pallets. Take a look at this fun and colorful space. I find it much more inspirational than the story playgrounds we have all over the place in Budapest.

10425498_410980472392999_4784868748141614446_n fun recycled playground in poland o o  pony recycled playground by reshtki o o pony recucled playground o o pony recycled playground from Poland on nokoncept o o pony recycled playground Gdansk recycled playground o o pony reshtki recycled playground on nokoncept Thanks for reaching out to me ladies, love your work!


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