New discovery: ARCHY PLAY

Last week during my visit to Belgrade we took the kids to the newly opened Miksalište ice-skating rink. After some fun in 2-3 sizes bigger skates and what we were told is the best hot-chocolate in town I finally visited the famous Mikser house too. It is apparently an ever changing space, a restaurant/bar, design store, club and home to all sorts of events and thematic design markets. I was happy to see Croatian designers are represented well, and most stuff available in my shop was there too. Although I was hoping to see more Serbian designers represented, to learn of someone/something new, I did not leave disappointed.

You all know how I feel about educational and DIY toys, toys boosting creativity and imagination, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered ARCHYPlay!

Archi PLAY is a Serbian brand of playful educational tools with architectural twist. Designed by architects and educators to develop spatial awareness, creative problem solving and abstract thinking. It consists of several sets made from different materials, wood, plexi, plaster and cardboard.

archiPATTERN shape tracing sets

thumb_archiPATTERN_0_en_lowres thumb_archiPATTERN_2_en_lowres thumb_archiPATTERN_3_en_lowres thumb_archiPATTERN_work_2

archiVILLE wood – Set of six wooden play houses, different in shape and roof angle, suitable for both directed and free play, as well as combining with other toys.

thumb_archiVILLE_wood_1_en_lowres thumb_archiVILLE_wood_3_en_lowres thumb_archiVILLE_wood_6_en_lowres

archiVILLE plaster – Plaster houses are a nice opportunity for exploring different visual effects and artistic techniques, applied on material children rarely use. Smooth white surface reacts well to all kinds of coloring and drawing.

thumb_archiVILLE_plaster_1_en_lowres thumb_archiVILLE_plaster_4_en_lowres thumb_archiVILLE_plaster_8_en_lowres

archiPUZZLE – White blank puzzle comprised of 7 big pieces. Shaped as a house, puzzle inspires little artists to imagine and paint their own piece of architecture.

thumb_archiPUZZLE_2_en_lowres thumb_archiPUZZLE_5_en_lowres

archiBOX – Simple cardboard box in the shape of a house. Easy to assembl eand disassemble, it can also serve as a witty packing alternative.

thumb_archiBOX_1_en_lowres thumb_archiBOX_3_en_lowres thumb_archiBOX_4_en_lowres

archiGRAFITTI – chalkboard wooden  house blocks for future graffiti artist



For educational value and ideas check out the brand’s website. I’ve seen the toys live and had them in my hands and I can tell you they look as beautiful as in those photos.

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