New Acro Goal Achiever collection Across the Goals

Acro Goal Achiever is a planner that helps people set and achieve goals.
It combines good old pen and paper offline planning with digital motivation.
In the last 2 years more than 5000 of Acro Goal Achievers were printed and sold  in 24 countries across the globe.
This year they  are hoping to do better. To do this, they need your superb design skills too.

Similarly to last year there will be 8 designs in the collection, 2 from the original selection, the rest of the designs will again be collaborations with various artists/designers and ONE OF THEM COULD BE YOU!

Make a great cover and enter the Across the Goals competition!

Get your design noticed all over the world. Make a cover no one can resist.

Something you would want on the cover of your cool planner.
Hell, if you have time and inspiration, make 3 different covers (no more entries per person, please).
The only rule is that the background cannot be white.

Download all of the materials or e-mail if you have questions
Send your artwork by 20th of May 2015, along with some background info
(link to your portfolio, photos of your artwork…anything that would give us the idea who you are).

Winner will be picked by:

Eli Novaković, CEO and Founder
Andrey Shtylenko, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach
Tomislav Kraljević & Božidarka Brnas, Creative Directors at Design Studio Bestias
Hermes Arriaga & Miljenka Bogdan, Impact Hub, Zagreb

…and announced on the 25th of May, 2015

There can only be one winner – We hope it is you!

What’s in it for you?
Tons of PR, as we plan to pepper lifestyle blogs, online designer magazines and inspiration websites with your work, name and contact info.

Also new in this collection is the collaboration with Australian designer and typographer Allison Ehly who created a set of handwritten quotes for the inside of the planner.

acro-allison ehly

If you want to be part of this bunch go draw something! Good luck!

Old designs are still available in our shop!


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