Lazy-crazy-hazy Summer Interview with Lilla Séllei

I am so excited to be starting the Summer Interview series again. I loved it last year and this year I am bringing many more.

The first one to share some summer love with us is Lilla Séllei, bag designer, blogger and creator of Pocket trailer.

Describe your dream summer holiday!

I don’t need much for a perfect summer holiday, I’d be happy if I could repeat the one from last year. Me, hubby and our sun, a car, a  tent and Slovenia here we come. I fell in love with that country a few years ago, because it is so orderly and versatile. There are mountains, sea and design life in Ljubljana is booming.


Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

I am lucky because the family has a summer house in Gárdony at Velence lake and every year we spend 2-3 weeks there with my parents. This way my son Bálint gets to spend more time with grandparents too during the summer. In September we are expecting our second baby and our annual Slovenian trip will have to wait for better times.

Do you cook or eat out?

Both. When at the summer house we like to take advantage of the garden, we love grilling. But we don’t mind finding a place to eat wherever we get hungry during our day-trips.

Favorite summer food?

Watermelon, even for breakfast.

Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

I am happy to get some time to read. During summer holidays I stock up on magazines and read them cover to cover.

How about festivals?

I don’t even know when was the last time I went to a festival…Unless concerts held at the Park count as festivals. We went to some last year.

What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Mine? No idea. I don’t think there is such a thing. We’re not that strict about Balint’s bedtime during summer. He can stay up later than usual.

Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

When I was a student we spent 2 weeks backpacking Sicily. I guess that was  fantastic summer vacation, probably because that was when I sort of started growing up.

Favorite summer spot in Budapest?

We love going to Fellini. We ride out on our bikes, have lunch, sunbathe and then home. We also love Kertem, and since we live close to Mikszáth square you can find us at Garzonkert too.

Coctails or lemonade?

Lemonade, with fruits.

What is that one thing you feel you can’t live without this summer??

Sunscreen, wetwipes and a Pocket Trailer so I can lug the kid’s bike along with everything else if he had enough.


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