Lazy-crazy-hazy Summer Interview with Anita Boldog, the concrete girl

You must know Anita, we’ve talked about her concrete pebbles here on the blog already and her concrete jewelery is among the bestsellers in our shop. Her new Concave collection is premiering today at Lollipop Factory in Budapest and we are giving away one piece from that new collection (scroll down). But before you start getting ready for the night out in town, read about her summer, because that is why we are here now, sort of:)


Describe your dream summer holiday!

I don’t think it has happened yet. I don’t know where I would go, but definitely somewhere near water and nature. Water calms me down and nature inspires me more than anything. Ideally it would be somewhere with my floating island.


Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

If time allows it I am at my grandmother’s farm. We have a huge orchard and loads of animals. There I can completely disconnect even if I work a lot. It feels good to spend time in nature, pick fruits, make jam, stuff like that. Most of my childhood holidays were spent there, that is why I love it so much, I can still be a kid for a moment.

Do you cook or eat out?

I cook. If there is more of us staying somewhere that task usually falls on me. I love cooking for a lot of people, but it is usually just lángos or crepes in the end.

Fav summer food?

I love cakes made from fresh fruits and homemade sweets. I usually make them with yoghurt.

Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

Since I’ve stopped being a student there is basically no difference between summer and other seasons. There is work in summer as well as any other time of year. I don’t even feel there are more parties, it is only that we can spend more time outside.

Do you like festivals?

Not really. Sometime I’ll go to a concert, but I like sleeping in clean quiet places, sleeping in a tent is not my cup of tea.

What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Luckily I can eat whatever I want however much I want, so I actually eat even more sweets during the summer, fruit cakes, smoothies and copious amounts of ice-cream.

Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

As I sad, it has not happened yet, but I am dreaming of sunbathing on my concrete island while others have their blow up dolphins and other beach floatation devices.

What’s your favorite summer spot in Budapest?

Zugliget, but mainly the MOME garden.

Coctail or lemonade?


What’s that one thing this summer you can’t do without?

My newest jewelery collection! It is fresh and fun, I love the forms, the colors and the spatter and I hope all of you will feel that way about it too:)



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