Kipod DIY toys

KIPOD diy toys lion

Not long ago Alex Khaykin, a designer from Tel Aviv, reached out to me to introduce her toys. For the past 2 years she’s been developing her KipodToys – a design studio specializing in DIY kits for kids helping develop their cognitive and motor skills, while allowing them to experience and enjoy their own work and imagination. Most of the products are meant to be used by both parents and kids together and have them spend some quality time with each other.

kipod diy pom pom sheep

You all know how I feel about making your own toys, and about DIY so it is my pleasure to present to you KIPOD today.

kipod diy pom pom toys packaging kipod diy pom pom toys


If you like what you see you can now back this project on Kickstarter

kipod diy toys funny creatures

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