P’s own loft space

For weeks on end now we’ve been renovating our living room so our boys would get a bigger (and separate) room for themselves. They were quite OK in this room until recently, but P will be 6 soon and he started demanding his own time and space to do this alone if he wants to. Since we basically live in heavily lofted 60 sqm apartment and only have ONE room besides the kitchen, the only way to make this happen was to take half of that one living-room and turn this

into this

Enjoying the view of his future ‘own’ #space #kids A photo posted by Petra (@nokoncept) on

He wanted his own desk in his own crib. #loftspace at 5 yrs old. Not bad at all. #happy #creative #own

A photo posted by Petra (@nokoncept) on

We are far from being done, but also far from where we started. We’re doing most of the work ourselves, and frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my husband. Hopefully I get to show you the finished product soon enough, but for now, here is the mood-board for P’s space.

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