Boya, drawing tool for the littlest ones

We regularly get together with my girlfriends and have our children with us.  We figure it is a very good way to be together so it is still fun for everybody. The youngest child in the company is 1 year old, the oldest is 5. This summer splashing in the garden pool was the only activity all the kids could do together, until the last time, when I took along a box of Boya drawing tool.. 🙂

Historically, pencils were one of the first didactic toys, creative development through hand movement and leaving marks is very important, but very often parents don’t let their children play with pencils from fear they can hurt themselves because of their sharp and pointy form. With Boya it is absolutely impossible for shildren to hurt themselves. CollageBoya2 This drawing tool will not leave stains on your little ones hands, which also means it won’t stain the paper they are drawing on, unlike traditional crayons. CollageBoya Boya On one of the workshops with Maja (creator of Boya) a boy complained that he needs to think when he is using Boya. How great is that, since that is the meaning of drawing! To think, to develop your idea, be creative! With Boya you need to figure out how many ways there are to draw with it, and the result will be a creation you’d never be able to make with a simple pencil.


Coloring a whole area with one move.

Boya5 Boya9Boya is not trying to take the place of traditional pencils, it just covers the segment of drawing for which there was not tools by now, thus bringing you closer to beauty of fine art expression.


Boya is a 100% Croatian product, the substance it is made from is special and secret, (development lasted 4 years), it is attested at the Croatian Institute for public health, it is not toxic and does not contain heavy metals.

Can you count how many ways of holding Boya are there in this post?

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