Daddy Monday: Lost My Name

It is actually three dads (David,Pedro & Asi) and an uncle (Tal), who started this as a DIY project: a personalized book made unique for every kid depending on what their name is. Even if you have no idea what the whole thing is about and just drop in on the site by pure accident, you will love it. Illustration is pretty and the fact that they ask for your kids name is just soooo tempting. And then you do it, and you get to preview the story and the story is enchanting and exciting. Then you do it for your other kid, and you realize that the story is completely different.


This is the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Seriously, I am in love!

There are vikings and elephants in P’s book.



Ilija on the other hand gets his ‘I’ from an Imp


and the fact that by the end of the book the child gets the name back and you see your kid’s name in the book makes it all magic.



Isn’t it a wonderful, wonderful thing these guys managed to create. I am in awe for days!

BTW: Our Spiketus Rex Whirlpool backpack reminds me of the Imp from Ilija’s book a bit.

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