Coolest, Cutest Bunny Home Decor + GIVEAWAY

Let me start with the cleverest bunny home decor product I have ever seen. Designed by Kata Imecs, Hungarian designer behind the lable Cata these cottonball holders are so surprisingly funny yet so logical a solution than I want to die. Love, love, love them!

We’ve teamed up with Kata and we’re giving away one of these to three (yes 3) of our readers! All you will need to do is go to our facebook page album and tag yourselves in the image of the bunny you would like to win. We will pick 3 winners on Easter Mondat at Noon Budapest time.



Magnetic salt and pepper grinder set from
rabbit grinder set

Chloe Fleury’s Baby’s Bunnyland, the bunniest nursery ever:)





Wooden rabit iPad Holder from azooshop.

bunny ipad holder





Easter Bunny for your kids chair.


Bunny rocking chair by Kateřina Zemánková.

bunny rocking chair

BIMBA bunny giveaway is sill open as well as  Manuela legings giveaway. Follow the Bunny Days for the rest of the week, because we have more for you in store.

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