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KLOCC for Kids, by Judit Ducsai

Klocc for Kids – Hungarian design award winning innovative storage for kids. Designed by Judit Ducsai Kid’s Klocc, very much like it’s predecessor – Klocc bag,  is made from 1 cm thick 100% industrial wool felt. Formed using a special technique similar to the hat making process and treated to be water resistant, they are […]

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Birthday Presents for Toddlers

P. got several very cool presents for his B-Day this year. Not all of them were handmade, but very cool nevertheless. Books, puzzles and art supplies as constant source of joy are always welcome and much, much appreciated when it comes to birthday presents for toddlers. These are also a very good choice if you […]

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Toddler haircut

P’s hair was too long. By too long I mean I loved it, but it was bothering him so it looked like this when he was playing When it comes to that, I am sure many moms would looove to have a place like FashionKids to go to. Hairdressers especially for kids, with interiors adapted […]

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