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New Toy: Wooden abc blocks

I fell in love wit Ponge toys blocks sometimes last year. I totally, totally dig their retro design. The box for example is made of handmade cardboard paper but it is massive, which is so important when your kids literally bulldozer over their stuff. I know, I know, they need to be taught, but until […]

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Wooden handmade toys by Margareta

Margareta is a Croatian brand that produces educational, high quality,  Eco-friendly handmade wooden toys for children. It is a set of multicolored geometric shapes that are also didactic puzzles. They can be converted into 3D shapes such as trees, houses, mountains, etc. Check out the video and support their Indiegogo campaign.     If you like what you […]

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P•COQ – puppetry in a magic box

My friend Dora teamed up with other two Budapest mums to create a toy that develops children’s emotional intelligence and helps even beyond that, because –       it is a smart solution for conscious parents, –       it is a source of income for women living in mothers’ shelters, –       and it is friendly to our environment. […]

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Our First World Record: Drawbot

On Friday 10th Researchers Night took place in Budapest. We picked the funnest project ever to participate with. The Drawbot! Not only we made drawing robots, we also participated in setting the world record for the biggest picture drawn by drawbots. First we made a Mean Machine. We disassembled one of the toy cars we […]

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Friday Adorbs: A Tube Toy

You know how kids sometimes enjoy playing with the box more than with the toy that came in it? That is where Oscar Diaz comes in, with his Tube Toys. Everything you need to build a toy is inside the tube and the only waste is a little paper label with instructions. Also, all parts […]

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Why we love BOYA crayons

  We love Boya crayons, that’s no secret, but I wanted to tell you WHY WE LOVE BOYA CRAYONS. I love them because they are pretty, they are soft (almost silky) to touch, they don’t smell and don’t make a mess out of either your kids hands or their drawings. Also important in summer, when […]

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