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AWARE by Printa SS16 – Kids Collection

Let’s take playing seriously! This years kids collection by Printa again puts an emphasis on sustainable lifestyle. Made of quality materials that will do well under wear and tear of happy kids lifestyles and consisting of oversized models they can wear for 2-3 years. Prints used are quirky and playful, abstracts, bicycles and the best […]

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Friday Adorbs: No girls in this House

In the slightest chance that you are following me on Instagram, and you actually took your time to read my #20factsaboutme post yesterday, you might know I’m going to have my third baby this year. To make it more fun, it will be my third boy, which makes it very practical. It also basically means […]

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Friday Adorbs: Melula Shoes

Instant crush! No secrets here, I love different shoes. We’ve been fans of EFVVA shoes since it’s very begnnings. And now this:) Melula is a new Copenhagen based kids shoes brand making colorful and fun shoes you’s want to put on your wall as a picture. Monochrome is ok, but colors are always my choice […]

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Petite Albion

P wished for winter this morning. I am not so keen on having to put 100 layers on them when we leave the house, but there are some seriously cute items that make me wish for winter sometimes too. Petite Albion create colorful handmade knits for children from 0 to 6 years. Their signature styles […]

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