Birthday Cake #4

P will soon be 4, but the real cake #4 is actually Baby I’s cake #1. Since I only ever make cakes for my boys birthdays, I will stay with chronological numbering, which basically means, cake #4 of my life.

You have already seen a glimpse of this cake here, but I will tell you now how it was made. See, unlike Cake#1 which was a no-bake cake, Cake #2 which wasn’t really a cake at all, and Cake #3 which was a super cool mostly no-bake cake p is still talking about, Cake #4 was my first REAL, made-from-scratch, baked cake.


The recipe I used was the Funfetti cake, and it is really tasty. It is a simple, no fuss recipe for a great looking cake and it was supposed to look like this:

but for reasons exceeding my culinary knowledge, it came out like this:

The sprinkles we have here don’t seem to be very good ones, so they bled all over batter as soon as I put them in. The recipe also calls for bleached flour which I never even knew existed. All considered, the cake still came out perfect. It looked just the way I imagined it on the outside, and it tasted great!

I also decorated some Oreos with leftover icing and sprinkles. Boys probably loved that part best.

The cake wasn’t bad either though

Bella loved it too:)

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