Oil cloth apron

As you can see in the photos, P is not into posing for me anymore. He had to do it, because I made these oil cloth aprons for his kindergarten so he felt somewhat obliged to put it on, but not really enough to put on his model face too.

gyerek koteny


These were surprisingly simple to do. The pattern was drafted from the old cloth apron they’ve been using in the group. Since they use them when they put away dishes after lunch (4 kids are always in charge, one for each of the 4 tables they have) I though it might be useful to make it stain and water proof.
This is actually the same fabric/different color I used in my Last minute floorbed. When I did it then I had some problems with the machine catching on to the fabric, I thought it was because of the plastic feel to it so I had some doubts, but this time it was so simple I couldn’t believe it. Cutting the fabric was extremely simple, because it is like paper, it doesn’t really move or wrinkle. So I cut the shape out and used twill tape as binding/straps. I did iron the binding in half to get that bias tape look and from there on I just went around, didn’t even pin it. No problems with sewing, I am not sure if it is because of the twill tape or my machine just decided to do it this time, but it worked like a charm.

Kids love it! What do you think?

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