Back to school mama essentials

Hello September, hello never-ending to do lists and running around.

As a mom of, since yesterday, a school boy and a kindergartner, I LOVE September. I can finally work without being distracted by the two of them killing each other or one of them needing something ALL THE TIME. However, itt also brings all sorts of different to-dos that are getting harder and harder to keep up with every year as the kids get bigger and their extra curricular activities list gets longer. Logistics can get tough so here are some mama essentials I think can help you keep you sanity.

Mama back-to-school essentials


Fred and Friends TALK TO THE HAND Sticky Notes from Amazon

Chalk board calendar wall decal – I use 2 to always have an overview of the current and following month. They are stuck on the fridge one under the other. When the current month is over I erase my liquid chalk with damp cloth and start using it as the “next months issue”. I also have colored post-its for recurring stuff that we need every month or at least regularly and just stick them where needed. If you make a mistake of you plans/appointments get moved around you just erase and put your new plans in, no messy crossing and correcting on paper.

Acro Academic Diary perfect for moms, because let’s face it – our year starts in September, not January.


Lil’ Somethingz – set of 6 temporary tattoos – because sometimes you just need a way out, if nothing else in the form of a temporary tattoo. Tomorrow you will let the sunshine in anyway.

If you have something to add please do so in the comments. You can never have enough help, can you?

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